Halloween at the Rustic was a Blast!!!

That's right..after around 12 years at one house or another, we tried a bold new experiment and moved the annual festivities to a new location.. the Rustic Saloon! the lights, dj, karaoke and jello shots were all there.. tons of food and halloween goodness made it a party you didn't want to miss.

This year's theme was the Mad Scientists Convention... check out the invitation below.. and of course... all the pics!!

We have always thrown one big party each year to celebrate with all of our friends, and this was it. Its more of a house party that has outgrown the house than it is just another halloween party in a bar.
Its also a big-ass birthday party for myself.. Since mine was on the 22nd, All of this is just an excuse for me to get wild crazy all night long and really celebrate.
This is what Halloween is s'posedta be.

Click here to see the pics!